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Upcoming NWNA meeting: February 24, 2015
Upcoming NWNA Meeting Schedule:
April 13, May 25, June 22, 2016.

(Usually Wednesdays 7:00 PM)

All meetings take place at St. Andrew's Church, Federal & Clarkson, Fellowship Hall.

Newsletter Graphic February 2016 NWNA Newsletter Newsletter Graphic

Dec. 9, 2015 - Draft Meeting Minutes
$ Support Your North Westdale Neighborhood. $
October begins our annual dues collection time.
You can use the PAYPAL button, give your dues/donation to your block captain, bring it to our NWNA General Meeting, or mail it to:
NWNA, P.O. Box 642522, Los Angeles, CA 90064.
The voluntary dues pay our basic operating costs - use of our meeting hall, website hosting, newsletter printing, etc.
Suggested annual dues-donation is $15 per household. Additional donations are always greatly appreciated. Thank you.

NWNA Annual Neighborhood Dues PayPal account:

October 28, 2015 Draft Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2015 Meeting minutes

NWNA Treasury Report - July 2014 - June 2015
C.R.A.A.P. Current Documents:
Comment regarding item 8-D October 27, 2015

Staff Report with CRAAP comments

NWNA 2015 Fall Block Party/Talent Show
YouTube Video link
Still Photos link

Ted Lieu Letter       Mike Bonin Letter
Regarding The Santa Monica Airport Lease

Los Angeles City Council Resolution - S.M. Airport Flight Paths Impacts

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The easiest way to contact your neighbors and receive current updates about important issues and events, including crime alerts.
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Santa Monica Airport - Action Item

Local Crime Statistics
Animal_Corner           ReCode_LA         

August 26, 2015 NWNA Meeting Minutes
June 24, 2015 NWNA Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2015_Draft_Minutes
April 8, 2015 - Draft minutes
February 11, 2015 Draft minutes
January 7, 2015 NWNA_minutes
December 10, 2014 NWNA Approved Meeting minutes
October 22, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

  Snapshots from the September 12th, 2014 NWNA Block Party
Graffiti Removal Requests
Also check out the MyLA311 app for a variety of City Services
Agenda & Minutes - NWNA Airport Committee Meeting 5-13-14
LAPD Crime Statistics
Go to Pacific Division Crime Statistics or Crime Mapping Pacific Division

Our Pacific Division Police Station Website
L.A.P.D. - 5 Points of Contact for Pacific Police Division
Building the Pacific Area Neighborhood Watch Program

Airport 2
A community movement to turn Santa Monica Airport into a park.
NWNA strongly supports turning Santa Monica Airport into a great park.
Kick-off Workshop Video on YouTube: Part-1 & Part-2 from October 3, 2013

Santa Monica Airport Motions May 28, 2014 meeting agenda
Motions unanimously ratified:
1) NWNA Support for the draft ordinance to reduce Santa Monica Airport's air pollution impacts on NWNA residents.
2) Motion to join with Santa Monica community groups in opposing AOPA's deceptive petition.

LASD: Don't Let Your Medications Go Down the Drain, National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day 2014 Information
Saturday, September 27, 2014, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

CA Dept. of Public Health WEST NILE VIRUS and Dead Bird Hotline 877-968-2473
CA West Nile Virus Website

Miscellaneous Archived Information and Documents
Mega Garage Sale 2015 Map and List of Participants

NWNA Bylaws

NWNA General Meeting Minutes:
Archived meeting minutes

Leash Laws note

Announcements Page
jetairpollution link
Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution
The latest and other C.R.A.A.P. reports Re: SM Airport impacts
How to file an official Noise E-Complaint with the City of Santa Monica
NWNA Information - (Needs updating. See new by-laws)
Emergency Numbers
Neighborhood Resource Guide - Some items outdated
District 11 information & contact numbers
Neighborhood Links, etc.
Los Angeles Police Department - Crime Statistics
Pacific Division Crime Statistics
Crime Mapping Pacific Division
LAPD Pacific Community Police Station
L.A.P.D. 5 Points of Contact for Pacific Police Division
Building the Pacific Area Neighborhood Watch Program - North Westdale is in "Basic Car 14A25, Mar Vista District"
Westdale Homeowners Association
Mar Vista Community Council
Richland Avenue Elementary School
Richland Elementary Boosters
West LA Bill Rosendahl West LA 11th District Councilman
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training
"Cert" Newsletter Spring 2003 - Side 1, Side 2
Community Policing
Southern California Compass
California Coastal Commission
Ballona wetlands restoration
Tree Selection Guide
Half Price Theatre Tickets in LA

Archived NWNA Newsletters

Re:code L.A. NWNA Article
January 2014 Meeting Agenda

NWNA Annual Mega Garage Sale map Oct. 26, 2013 & Flyer
Treasurer's Report
and Meeting Agenda for Oct. 23, 2013 meeting
NWNA Treasurers Report - March 31, 2014

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Mar Vista Newsletters and notices
Mar Vista Community Council E-Calendar - May 2009
MVCC_Newsletters / MVCC_Oct 2008_e-newsletter
Mar Vista Community Council Meeting information 4-14-09

Meeting Minutes
October 28, 2015 Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2015 Meeting minutes
June 24, 2015 NWNA Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2015 - Draft minutes
February 11, 2015 Draft minutes
December 10, 2014 NWNA Meeting Draft minutes
October 22, 2014 - Meeting Minutes
Draft Meeting Minutes: October 22, 2014
Meeting Minutes: June25, 2014
2014 Mega-Garage Sale Map
Oct. 22, 2014 - Special Meeting Agenda
June 25, 2014 Draft Minutes
May 28, 2014 Meeting Minutes - 2 ratified Motions, and Election Results
Draft Minutes - May 28, 2014
Election Meeting Agenda May 28, 2014 and March Minutes
NWNA_Minutes for March 26, 2014
NWNA Treasurers Report - March 31, 2014

Minutes Febrary 18, 2014
Meeting Minutes January 22, 2014
September 2013 Meeting Minutes

June 2013 Meeting Minutes
May Meeting Minutes and Martin Expo Center Project Letter
May 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes and Martin Expo Center Letter
NWNA Meeting Minutes April 8th, 2013
September 10, 2012 NWNA Meeting Minutes
9/12/11 Meeting Minutes 

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